Wanderlust Wednesday with Ashley Boalch MONTEGO BAY

Wanderlust Wednesday with Ashley Boalch MONTEGO BAY
Ashley Boalch in Dolphin Lagoon with Pepe

If traveling is your passion, we can totally relate!

Whether it’s Paris to Singapore or New York to Moscow, we’ve been there and done it! Ashley BoalchErin LyonsRachel Wang PangTahera Zamanzada and their friends will recommend the best a city has to offer.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Who loves it:

Ashley Boalch

Michael doing yoga on the beach.
Michael doing yoga on the beach.

Best Hotel:

Half Moon Resort and Spa

St James, Jamaica (888) 830-5974

  • Michael (fiance) and I visited Montego Bay to discuss having our wedding at Half Moon Resort. We stayed for 5 days, and really didn’t want to go home!
  • In comparison to the neighboring Ritz Carlton Hotel that is a high-rise building; Half Moon Resort stretches across 2 miles and offers an array of activities. One can spend the day swimming with dolphins in Dolphin Lagoon and then play an 18 hole game of golf. There’s even an area for kids – almost like a mini-resort for the children, with activities like arts and crafts and baking. One of the best parts is the fact that Half Moon offers adult-supervision at all activities, and an optional full-time nanny for when mommy and daddy want to enjoy a few rum punches (fairly expensive, but worth it).
  • Additionally, the rooms of the hotel are on the beach! Michael and I would wake up, order breakfast to be eaten on our personal patio, then walk 10 steps onto the sand and do morning yoga. An incredible experience.

Best Spa or Salon:

Fern Tree Spa at Half Moon Resort
The staff at Half Moon may be the nicest people I have ever met in my life. They are incredibly attentive, will drop whatever they’re doing to help you, and always greet you with a smile. The people who work in the spa are no exception. First, the spa smells like jewelweed, which is a flowered plant that grows around the exterior of the spa. It is the freshest, most relaxing smell I have ever encountered at a spa facility. After my amazing massage, I asked my masseuse about the smell. She told me that her family brews jewelweed tea to combat illnesses. Still looking for it in the District!

Michael and Ashley at the Hibiscus Pool Bar
Michael and Ashley at the Hibiscus Pool Bar

Best Restaurant:

The food at Half Moon Resort is incredible! Every meal was spectacular: Brunch at the Sugar Mill Bar, lunch at the Hibiscus Pool Bar, and dinner at Robbie’s Kitchen. Every meal was to die for! WARNING: These delicious
meals don’t come without a hefty price-tag that you will see at the end of your stay, but trust me – it will all be worth it!

Also, on Friday nights Half Moon hosts a barbecue for the guests; delicious Jamaican food and drinks, followed by a fun night of dancing to Caribbean beats in the sand. There was even a live steel-band! It’s just like what you see in the movies, maybe even better.

Best Shopping:

The Half Moon Shopping Village is a trendy woman’s playground. There are many upscale shops and boutiques with items just begging to go home with you. Fine china and silk dresses, all duty-free? Yes please!

Best Nightclub or Lounge

There’s an area in Montego called Gloucester Avenue. It’s here you’ll find Jimmy Buffet’s famous Margaritaville and an assortment of local lounges. We went for a night on the town with the dolphin trainer from Half Moon, and after dancing like crazy at Margaritaville, we hopped over to this cool lounge with an outdoor dance floor called The B Lounge. It was a great mix of locals and tourists, all dancing to the beat and having a great time!
Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Montego Bay
Gloucester Ave. 876 Montego Bay, Jamaica +1 876-952-4777

Favorite Neighborhood:

Montego Bay’s Half Moon Resort is all the neighborhood you’ll need.

Could you live there:

I would not want to live there full-time, but a vacation home in Montego would be the move!


Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not legal in Jamaica! Our cab driver told us some horror stories about a few misinformed tourists who ended up in trouble. Also, some websites warn you of aggressive street vendors who may try to haggle with you to buy what they’re selling. We didn’t experience any problems at all! I did, however, turn my engagement ring around to face the inside my hand as a precautionary measure. So just gauge the situation and be observant.

Let us know what you think!

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