Wanderlust Wednesday with Rachel Wang Pang MILAN

Rachel at Duomo di Milano

If traveling is your passion, we can totally relate!

Whether it’s Paris to Singapore or New York to Moscow, we’ve been there and done it! Ashley Boalch, Erin Lyons, Rachel Wang Pang, Tahera Zamanzada and their friends will recommend the best a city has to offer.


Milan, Italy

Who loves it:

Rachel Wang Pang

Best Hotel:

Straf Hotel is located in the heart of Milan, by the Duomo. Therefore you have access to La Rinascente, Cathedral of Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Teatro alla Scala. It’s a very modern and style hotel, I love it because of the location and the interior design. Straf Hotel Via San Raffaele, 3 20121 Milan, Italy +39 02 805081

Best Shopping:

Via Montenapoleone or La Rinascente or vintage shopping
I love love love Via Montenapoleone, you can find all the stores there, ones you heard of and some local ones that you might not have heard before. You get the latest style items from runway right there; don’t have to wait for a month for them to get to the States! The feel of the area is also very posh and nice, it’s also good to just go there and have a cup of coffee at one of the designer cafes and people watch.
La Rinascente is right next to the Doumo, it’s a bit touristy, but it has everything in just one mall, this is where I get all of the skincare and makeup, it’s very convenient. Plus, they have a very nice rooftop café that I adore.
Milan is known for their vintage shops, it’s a pity if you don’t go and check them out, one store that I love was Cavalli E Nastri, and they have a men and women store right across from each other, that carries very nice items.  The owner is very stylish and nice as well. If you are tired from all the shopping, you can simply go around the corner and get a cup of delicious gelato from Grom.

Rachel at Trussardi Caffe

Best Restaurant:

Trussardi Café
Il Bar
My favorite café hast to be the Trussardi Café, we went there a couple of times, from their espresso to their food, everything was just simply delicious. The atmosphere is awesome too; very relaxing and you can see the trendiest people there as well. Its right next to the scala, so you find people grabbing a drink at the café bar before they go to see opera. Trussardi alla Scala Piazza della Scala, 5 20121 Milan, Italy +39 02 8068 8201
Cracco is another nice place to have dinner, simple, modern style; this restaurant serves excellent contemporary cuisine with a focus on innovative and inventive dish. Great place to check it out if you are up for a nice dinner. Ristorante Cracco Via Victor Hugo, 4 20123 Milan, Italy +39 02 876774
Next would be the Il Bar café on top of La Rinascente, they carry very nice espressos and cocktails, and the sandwiches are simple and yummy. You get a view of the Duomo, nice rooftop to go during the spring and summer time. Il Bar Piazza del Duomo, 3 20121 Milan, Italy +39 02 88521

Rachel at Just Cavali Hollywood

Best Nightclub or Lounge

Just Cavali Hollywood I love this place simply because of their décor and music. You find all sort of stylish people there just to dance their night away. Just Cavali Hollywood Via Luigi Camoens 20121 Milan, Italy +39 02 311817

Favorite Neighborhood:

Duomo and Via Montenapoleone

Could you live there:


Let us know what you think!

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